Component Manufacturing

In 1997 Nor-cal products (then a $20M company) approached CPI to help them overcome delivery problems with suppliers in the Bay area. Materials manager Dave Chambers said we are looking for a supplier who will grow with us and jump through the same hoops we are asked to by the demanding semi-conductor industry. Sixteen years later Nor-cal products are a $80M company and Cascade Precision one of their major vendor partners. 

Success in the semi-conductor industry requires complex sophisticated designs needing high quality close tolerance components. CPI have worked on many of these components working through manufacturing and quality control issues to develop and improve process controls to ensure the high quality needed.

Sharon Feld of Quiet Technologies Aerospace sought out Cascade Precision to help them solve problems with complex low volume components. Using experienced gained working with Boeing, CPI set out to help. In product development designs, engineering files and documentation are not always right first time. We understand this at CPI and will work through all the problems to ensure eventual success of the project. 

Cascade Precision have never quit on any of our projects but worked diligently to overcome the obstacles.
— Sharon Feld