CPI Pneumatic Cylinders

Built for the most extreme applications

Available in both tie-rod and snap-ring configurations, The CPI cylinder is manufactured for the quality oriented OEM. Our flexible design incorporates high tolerances and today's most durable components. CPI uses the latest in seal and surface technology to provide the best equipment for your most demanding applications. The self-lubricating design is more that just a pre-lubricated cylinder. The CPI cylinder is designed to last millions of cycles in harsh conditions without any in-line lubrication. When heat, moisture-laden air, and high particulate would destroy most cylinders, the CPI design will continue to perform.

The most common application for a pneumatic cylinder is arguably the knock-off cylinder in board production in a lumber mill. Here cylinders operate lube-free at high speed ( in excess of 1000ft/sec) with corrosive sap dust and dirt flowing freely onto the rod. Stainless steel rods and specially designed rod seals prevent contamination of the cylinder bore. 


CPI pneumatic cylinder with PTFE infused components

Available in both tie-rod and snap-ring configurations.