CPI Hydraulic Cylinders

Superior Performance for the Auto-Hauler Industry

These hydraulic cylinder are made of aluminum construction with chrome steel rods.  They are very light weight but still strong enough for the applications in use.  These cylinders are rated at 2000 psi.

When Boydstun (car-haulers) first designed and patented their actuator system for replacing the hydraulic cylinder, they approached CPI to assist with material selection and design for manufacturability. In cooperation with Boydstun purchasing and engineering groups, CPI developed a J.I.T. system for delivery of actuator components directly to  Boydstun's assembly line as determined by their assembly schedule.

CPI continues to supply hydraulic cylinders, actuators, hydraulic control valves and other components needed to keep the products operating in the field. Since the start of manufacturing, not a single actuator or hydraulic cylinder has experienced failure.

CPI also manufacture Hydraulic Cylinders with steel welded construction for higher psi applications.

Standard Auto-Lift Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Control Systems